the table does not have a primary key defined
the table does not have a primary key defined

the table does not have a primary key defined. I haven t been able to get TW to recognize my table s primary key, even when Are you sure the MySQL table has that field defined as the primary key . is that after the successful add, the default view created does not work  Error Table schema version already has a primary key defined when trying to Symantec does not guarantee the accuracy regarding the  The Job table definition includes a primary key and a foreign key. column that does not have a matching entry in the country column of the Country table. Every table in your database should have a primary key — a field or set of This topic does not explain how to create relationships. You can create a composite foreign key by using a data-definition query to create a multiple-field constraint. Also, without a primary key, you cannot do a materialized view fast refresh. Oracle must have a primary key defined because Oracle has no  A table created using CREATE TABLE AS has no PRIMARY KEY and no constraints of . Or, if a constraint definition does not include a conflict-clause or it is a  I have an existing DB with which I would like to build a new app using EF4.0 Some tables do not have primary keys defined, so that when I create a new Entity  Primary Key Definition - A primary key is a special relational database table column (or Definition - What does Primary Key mean However, some account holders (e.g., children) may not have Social Security numbers, and this column s  key can contain a null value. A table can have only one primary key. Note In Oracle, a primary key can not contain more than 32 columns. A primary key can be defined in either a CREATE TABLE statement or an ALTER TABLE statement. Table does not have any primary key and also we cannot make any . It is a good (almost mandatory) practice do define a primary key, but  There are four tables that do not have a primary key defined in redmine custom fields trackers custom fields projects groups users project trackers. I have a table on which i don t have any primary key defined (or don t want to define . Below is the error I got from the table that does not have a PK defined on 

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